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        Hello, welcome to the website of Yizheng Fid Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Products center
        Digital printing pretreatment series Digital print finishing series Pre-treatment machine series Dyeing series Wash after printing Jigger series Rapid steamer series MORE+
        Product advantage
        Stable performance and high quality process
        Fid textile equipment operates stably, the product quality is excellent, and the risk is reduced.
        Safety, high efficiency and quality guarantee are the insistence of each band saw.
        Keep improving and focus on quality
        Control every link and strive to make every equipment better. Adhere to the concept of "the same price over quality, the same quality over price".
        Save time and effort
        It has the advantages of technology, long service life.
        We improve the products reasonably according to the feedback of customers
        About us
        Yizheng Fid Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Yizheng Fid Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yizheng City Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, close to Nanjing-Nantong Expressway and strategic location, transportation is very convenient.
        The company mainly produces Width 1800-3600mm Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching Machines, Mercerization Machine, Continuous Pay Dyeing Machines,After Printing Washing Machines, Cold Dyeing Center Winding Machine, Volume Dyeing Machine, Bottomless Steaming Machine, Pre-shrinking Machines, Setting Machine categories of equipment such as printing and dyeing; non-woven type acupuncture, spunlace, spunbond, hot production lines and medium-sized mechanical parts of the finishing.
        ?? MORE+
        Company dynamics Industry information
        ECFA goods customs clearance s…
        2014 is the fourth year of the implementation of the early harvest plan of the cross strait economic cooperation framework agreement. 
        Textile industry needs to deep…
        Textile industry needs to deepen transformation and upgrading
        Congratulations on the success…
        Congratulations on the successful website construction of Yizheng Feida Textile Machinery Co., Ltd!
        Yizheng Fid Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Add:109 North Daqing Road, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province
        Copyright:Yizheng Fid Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Record number:蘇ICP備19065329號
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